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VIN WDB9670251L961846
Model: ATEGO III 1224 L 4X2 5360
Paint code: 9147/ Arktic white
Production date: 09 05 2015
Delivery date: 13 05 2015
Order Nr. 1555900111
Production Nr. 1103028
Engine: 936.910 C0 034239
Gearbox: 715.066 01 593224
Steering: (LHD)
Front axle: 730.076 D 584994
Rear axle: 771.111 P 786571

A1K Front Axle 5.3 T
A2L Rear Axle, Crown Wheel 390, Hypoid, 11.0 T
A5R Axle Ratio I = 3.909
B1C Electronic Air-Processing Unit, Low
B1F Heating, Electronic Air-Processing Unit
B2A Disc Brakes On Front And Rear Axle
B4A Condensation Monitoring, For Compressed Air Sys.
C3D Wheelbase 5360 Mm
C6B Steering ZF 8095
C6Y Stabiliser, Under Frame, Rear Axle
C7A Rear Underride Guard (ECE)
C7E Front Underride Guard (ECE), Steel
C7H Protective Device, Side
C8J Splash Guard, In Wing
C9P Frame Overhang, Extended, 600 mm
D1B Driver's Suspension Seat, Standard
D1M Rigid Co-Driver's Seat, Single
D2V Armrests On Both Sides, Driver's Seat
D2W Armrests On Both Sides, Co-Driver's Seat
D3A Luxury Bed, Top, Wide, With Levelling Control
D3B Luxury Bed, Bottom
D3X Seat Cover, Flat-Weave Fabric
D4B Classic Cockpit
D4W Power Windows, All-Round
D4Y Sunblind, Side, Driver's Side
D5Y Rubber Mats, Driver's And Co-Driver's Side
D6F Air-Conditioning System
D6P Auxiliary Hot Air Heater, 2000 W
D6R Switch, Auxiliary Heater, Lower Bunk
D6Y Pollen Filter
D7A Heat Insulation, Additional
D7L Stowage Facility, Above Windscreen, 1 Compartment
D8N Tilting Sunroof, Electric
D8Z Ctrl. Panel, Sliding/Tilting Sunroof, Bottom Bunk
E0Y Battery Cover
E1H Batteries, 2 X 12 V/165 Ah, Low-Maintenance
E3A Voltage Transformer, 24 V/12 V, 10 A
E4A Communications Interface (KOM)
E7F Cable Remote Control For Air Suspension
F1R L-Cab
F1U L-Cab BigSpace, 2.30 M, Tunnel
F2V BigSpace
F3E Cab Mountings, Rear, Reinforced
F5G Air Deflectors, Body Height Up To 4.00 M
F5K Air Deflectors, Loose
F5L Sun Visor, Exterior, Transparent
F6I Front Mirror, Heated
F6J Main Mirror, Electric, Driver's Side
F7V Cab Entrance, Two-Step
F8L Immobiliser, With Transponder
G0U Drive Program Economy
G1D Transmission G 90-6/6.70-0.73
G5G Mercedes PowerShift 3
I0U Tyres, Tubeless, Size 265/70 R 19.5, Front Axle
I4A Wheel Arrangement 4x2
I6A Rigid Chassis
I6X Air Suspension, Rear Axle
J1A Instrument Cluster, 10.4 Cm
J1R Tachograph, Digital, EC, Rpm, ADR
J1S Tachograph Manufacturer VDO
J2A CD-Radio
J3D FleetBoard Vehicle Computer With FB Driver Card
J3N FleetBoard Eco Support
J9A Pre-Installation For CB Radio, 12 V, DIN Slot
J9C Pre-Installation For FleetBoard For JADE
K0G Plastic Tank, 180 L, Left
K0Q Second Plastic Tank, 2 X 100 L, Left
K3T AdBlue Tank, 25 L
K5M Tanks, Lockable
K7I Exhaust System, On Frame, Right, Tailpipe Inwards
L1C LED-Tagfahrlicht
L1Y LED Light Package, Front, W.White Indicator Lenses
L1Z Indicator Lenses, White
L2P LED End-Outline Marker Lamp
M0S Noise Encapsulation In Accordance With ECE
M2A Eng. OM936,Inline 6, 7.7 L, 175kW (238hp),1000 Nm
M5V High Performance Engine Brake
M5Z Engine Version, Euro VI
M8Y Fuel Pre-Filter, Chassis-Mounted, Additional
Q1G Front Spring, 5.1 T, Parabolic
R0Z Wheel Nut Cap
R1F Tapered Rims, 6.75 X 19.5
R8A Spare Wheel Jack, Side
R8P Spare Wheel/Spare Wheel Rim
S1D Stability Control Assist (ESP)
S5A Speed Limiter, 90 Km/H (56 Mph), ECE
S5Z Cruise Control
S8A First-Aid Kit
S8C Warning Triangle
S8D Warning Lamp
S8E Reflective Safety Jacket
T1V Weight Variant 11.99 T (4.85/8.1)
V1D New Atego, Short-Radius Distribution
V1W Standard
V2T Atego Model Generation 1
V8A Chassis Number FIN
X1P Instrument/Labels/Documentation, Polish
X2E Model Plate, EU
X3Z Powertrain Warranty As Per T And Cs 3yrs/250,000km
Y1U Refrigerated Box, In Cab
Y3Z Storage Box, On Frame
Y4G Jack Mounted On Chassis
Z3H Side Marker Lights, 1st Pair
Z3I Side Marker Lights, 2nd Pair
Z3J Side Marker Lights, 3rd Pair
Z4E In-Line Engine, 6-Cylinder
Z5C OM 936
Z5X Left-Hand Drive
Z5Y Vehicle, For Right-Side Traffic
Z7J Aluminium Battery Lines[/QUOTE]
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